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Daniel Ajzensztejn Lawyer – Hamburg
Alf Aretz Lawyer – Frankfurt a.M.
Dr. Wiebke Baars, LL.M. (University College London) Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Volker Baas, MPA (Harvard) Lawyer – Frankfurt a.M.
Carsten Bartholl Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Martin Bartlik, LL.M. (McGill) Lawyer – Frankfurt a.M.
Roman Bärwaldt Lawyer and Notary – Official Residence Berlin
Andreas Bauer Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Michael Baumhauer Lawyer – Hamburg
Jörg Bausch Lawyer – Frankfurt a.M.
Dr. Ernst-Albrecht von Beauvais, LL.M. (University of California Berkeley) Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Harald Bechteler Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Philipp Behrendt, LL.M. (University of New South Wales) Lawyer – Hamburg
Peter Bert Lawyer – Frankfurt a.M.
Dr. Oliver Bertram Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Dr. Adrian Birnbach, LL.M. (Stellenbosch) Lawyer – Munich
Hauke Bornschein, LL.M. (University of Edinburgh) Lawyer – Hamburg
Prof. Dr. Axel Bösch Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Hendrik Boss Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Sebastian Buder Lawyer – Berlin
Dr. Axel von dem Bussche, LL.M. (London School of Economics) Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Patrick Brock Lawyer – Berlin
Dr. Michael Brüggemann Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Johannes G. Callet, Lic. en Droit Lawyer – Berlin
Dr. Jan Curschmann Lawyer – Hamburg
Christoph de Coster, LL.M. (University of California) Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Dagmar Entholt-Laudien Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Manja Epping Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Thomas Fehrenbach Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Dr. Anja Fenge , LL.M. (University of Edinburgh) Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Christian Frank Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Kilian Friemel Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Wolfgang Galonska Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Ingo Gerdes, LL.M. Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Stephan Martin Gerner Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Dr. Sibylle Gierschmann, LL.M. (Duke University North Carolina) Lawyer – Munich
Olaf Gillert Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Dr. Frederick Gillessen Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Marc Andre Gimmy Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Axel Godron Lawyer – Munich
Claus Goedecke Lawyer – Frankfurt a.M.
Mike Goldammer Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Kai Greve Lawyer, FA StR – Hamburg
Dr. Sascha R. Grosjean Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Dr. Klaus Grossmann Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Dr. Wolfgang Gruber, LL.M. (Georgetown University) Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Ortrun Günzel Lawyer – Munich
Andreas Haak Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Magdalena Harnischfeger-Ksoll Lawyer – Munich
Marcus Hartmann Lawyer – Frankfurt a.M.
Dr. Marco Hartmann-Rüppel Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Hagen Hasselbrink Lawyer and Notary – Official Residence Berlin
Stephan M. Heinemann Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Peter Hellich Lawyer – Düsseldorf / Munich
Andrea Hermanni Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Dr. Britta Heymann Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Christof Höhne, LL.M. Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Dr. Mark Hoenike, LL.M. Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Christiane Hoerdemann-Napp Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Dr. Peter Hofbauer Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Gisbert Hohagen Lawyer – Munich
Qun Huang Lawyer – Frankfurt a.M.
Franz-Josef Janssen Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Dr. Torsten van Jeger Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Dr. Sabine Kaben Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Dietrich Kamlah Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Gunbritt Kammerer-Galahn Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Prof. Dr. Norbert Kämper Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Dr. Bert Kimpel Lawyer, Düsseldorf
Dr. Oliver Kirschner Lawyer – Hamburg
Detlef Klett Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Dr. Lilian Klewitz-Haas Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Oliver Klöck Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Bernhard Kloft Lawyer – Hamburg
Claus Peter Knufinke Lawyer – Frankfurt a.M.
Dr. Frank Koch Lawyer – Hamburg
Olaf Kranz Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Martin Kraus Lawyer – Munich
Stefan Kroeker Lawyer – Munich
Roland Küppers, LL.M. (University of Bristol) Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Marc-Oliver Kurth, LL.M. (Sydney) Lawyer – Berlin
Dieter Lang, LL.M. Eur. Lawyer – Frankfurt a.M.
Dr. Christian Lederer Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Dirk Lorenz Lawyer, FA StR – Munich
Dr. Lars-Gerrit Lüßmann, LL.M. (New York University) Lawyer – Frankfurt a.M.
Dr. Anja Lunze Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Michael Malitz Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Dr. Andreas Meissner Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Henning Moelle, LL.M. (University of Nottingham) Lawyer – Frankfurt a.M.
Dr. Carsten Müller Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Stephan Manuel Nagel, LL.M. (EUI) Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Clemens Niedner Lawyer – Frankfurt a.M.
Marc Müller Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Thomas Pattloch, LL.M. Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Alexander Peinze Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Tillmann Pfeifer Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Janina Pochhammer Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Walter Potthast Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Thomas Raab Lawyer – Munich
Michael Florian Ranft Lawyer – Munich
Ulrich Reers Lawyer – Frankfurt a.M.
Dr. Wolfgang Rehmann Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Jan Riebeling Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Jakob Riemenschneider Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Noman Röchert, LL.M. (Cape Town) Lawyer – Berlin
Alexander Roth, M.Jur. (Oxford) Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Martin Rothermel Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Oliver Rothley Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Uwe Säuberlich Lawyer and Notary – Official Residence Frankfurt a.M.
Dr. Michael Samer Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Dr. Tobias Schelinski Lawyer – Hamburg
Gustaf-Rudolf Schlieper, LL.M. (University of Philadelphia) Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Dr. Gregor Schmid, LL.M. (Cambridge) Lawyer – Berlin
Dr. Roland Schmidt-Bleker Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Sabine Schomaker Lawyer – Frankfurt a.M.
Dr. Tessa Schoof Lawyer – Hamburg
Holger Schrewe, LL.M. (London) Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Carsten Schulz Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Peter Seemann, LL.M. (University of Essex) Lawyer – Hamburg
Hassan Sohbi Lawyer – Frankfurt a.M.
Dr. Gregor Staechelin Lawyer – Frankfurt a.M.
Michael Stein Lawyer – Frankfurt a.M.
Dr. Christian Traichel Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Thorsten Troge, Lawyer – Hamburg
Christoph F. Vaupel, LL.M. (New York University) Lawyer – Frankfurt a.M.
Maria Weiers Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Dr. Cornelius Weitbrecht Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Simon Felix Weppner, M.C.L. (Adelaide) Lawyer – Düsseldorf
Robert P. Wethmar, LL.M. (New York University) Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Dirk Wieddekind Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Nicolai Wiegand, LL.M. (New York University) Lawyer – Munich
Dr. Jens Wiesner, LL.M. (Chicago) Lawyer – Hamburg
Jörg Wimmers, LL.M. (New York University) Lawyer – Hamburg
Thomas Wisniewski Lawyer – Berlin
Dr. Jens Wolf Lawyer – Hamburg
Dr. Julia Wulf Lawyer and Notary – Official Residence Frankfurt a.M.
Dr. Tim Wünnemann Lawyer– Berlin

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