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The digitalisation of media is a game changer, whether you are an owner, licensee or user of content. You need to devise new delivery and payment models, fulfil new technical requirements and respond to changes in customer expectations and consumption behaviour. By guiding through all the legal issues that result from this, our Copyright and Media practice will help your business stay at the forefront of the digital economy.

Our copyright team has a long-standing track record for technical copyright expertise across all media, from publishing and music to games, data and films – both digital and analogue. Clients include news, literary, games and music publishers, broadcasters and film studios, technology platforms, social media platforms and other digital services, collecting societies, artists, authors and developers. We can advise you on the use and commercialisation of your content, on licensing and infringement of rights, and the impact of copyright on developing business models. We are closely involved in the development of copyright policy, both in the UK and at an EU level, and can help you predict where the law will go next.

Our media team advises on all areas of media law, including defamation, privacy, data protection and advertising law, broadcasting regulation and sponsorship. With particular expertise in pre-publication/broadcast issues, we also handle litigation and regulatory complaints and are one of the leading experts on user generated content issues. We can help you with the many different challenges you may be facing, such as: obtaining urgent advice; avoiding costly and time-consuming litigation; bringing or defending claims; or managing brand and reputational issues.

Areas of expertise

  • Advertising & marketing law
  • Copyright disputes & litigation
  • Copyright online & liability of service providers
  • Copyright strategy & advice
  • Database rights
  • Defamation & privacy
  • Licensing & use of copyright works
  • Performers & related rights
  • Reputation management

Copyright strategy & advice

Licensing & use of copyright works

Copyright online & liability of service providers

Copyright disputes & litigation

Performers & related rights

Database rights

Advertising & marketing law

Defamation & privacy

Reputation management

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